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We're Here When Staten Island Homes Need Fire Damage Restoration

11/29/2023 (Permalink)

Fire and soot damage in a kitchen. If your Staten Island home experiences fire damage, call SERVPRO. We'll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Our Skilled Fire Damage Restoration Team Is Ready

The constant reminders that a fire happened inside your Staten Island home can come from the visual impact that smoke and ash leave behind or the intense odors that never seem to disappear. Fire damage is more than ugly and re-traumatizing – it's also capable of causing unwanted health effects.

SERVPRO’s highly trained and qualified technicians perform the complicated work of making homes with fire damage in Staten Island "Like it never even happened." We want to erase those reminders and re-create a safe, healthy interior environment for you and your loved ones.

House fires change a residence in different ways. Here are a few of those and what SERVPRO® does to remedy the situation for our customers:

  • Physical left-overs,
  • Structural changes and
  • Alterations to the interior atmosphere.

Smoke contains solid particles (ash, soot, and liquid chemical compounds). Harsh and abrasive, the silkiness of ash is deceiving. We use specialized tools to remove ash from surfaces and the air. Cleaning up deposits caused by once-suspended smoke takes time. To counter this, we use custom-built chambers with negative air pressure systems to eliminate additional deposits from happening.

Walls and ceilings can burn when exposed to flame. High heat alone can cause some paints to blister and change colors. We remove these portions and replace the materials with newly cut pieces. Then, we repaint the entire area. Some homeowners prefer wallpaper or paneling, and we are happy to install either.

After our restoration work, your home's ambiance is crucial. Please feel at home because we know this isn't possible in an environment that smells offensive. More humid conditions can also develop, and SERVPRO's experts know how to alleviate the cause of both unwanted situations.

There's no reason to tolerate the post-fire conditions of your home. Families know they can rely on SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island to be nearby and always fast to arrive when called at (718) 750-9455.

Cleaning and Restoring Fire Damage in Staten Island Homes

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

Severely fire damaged living room with the caption “Faster to any size disaster” We're Faster To Any Size Disaster so that we can limit the fire damage to our Staten Island neighbors' homes.

The Full Spectrum of Fire Damage Recovery

After a fire damages your home, there is more to recovering this impact on your property than removing the surface damage you can see. It is essential to begin emergency services as soon as possible, which makes our 24/7 availability critical in fire recovery efforts. Once extinguishment completes, we can work directly with you to prioritize specific services that protect your home and what you value most. Some of these early services will include:

  • Debris cleanup
  • Water removal
  • Air filtration
  • Emergency repairs
  • Content cleaning and relocation

Because there are many levels of cleaning fire damage in Staten Island homes, you may believe that multiple contractors or experienced professionals are necessary. The knowledge and expertise of the certified technicians on our roster help with each aspect of this complicated and intricate recovery.

The Mitigation Your Home Needs

The most critical element of the restoration service we provide for homes after fires are meant to mitigate loss. Fires rapidly spread through a structure, impacting hundreds of surfaces and contents. Mitigation is intended to keep this situation from worsening while restoration begins. Two key elements of this phase of restoration are debris removal, which can help to lessen soot concentrations and offensive malodors, and removing water used in the extinguishment process that might cause greater harm.

Trusted for Insurance Recovery Work

You are unlikely to face fire damage in your home without involving your insurance provider. This adjuster will need to work with our restoration team to set their expectations and approve a damage claim based on our estimations and recovery plan. Our professionals provide key services to help:

  • Claims Inventory – This service is meant to catalog the condition of contents in harm’s way. We determine the salvageability of personal belongings and document when materials and items cannot be restored.
  • Estimation – Our professionals create a detailed plan noting the hours involved, equipment necessary, and expected completion. This documentation expedites the damage claim approval process.
  • Restoration Plan – We create a custom restoration plan based on your property and its needs. We continually communicate with the insurance adjuster and the customer to keep everyone informed about progress and changing conditions.

The Truth About Soot

One of the first recognizable signs of damage after a fire will be several surfaces and contents coated with a black residue. Partial combustion creates soot, a carcinogenic product that becomes a formidable obstacle in fire restoration. We have multiple solutions for removing surface deposits, ranging from solvents and detergents to more complex abrasive cleaning. Our decision in these tactics varies based on the type of smoke damage present, such as:

  • Wet Smoke
  • Dry Smoke
  • Grease Residues

Deodorizing Products That Can Help

The burning of materials also creates another challenging hurdle for post fire cleanup. Offensive smells impact more than the open air in the spaces most heavily damaged by burning. The gaseous form of smoke during the spread of the fire allows these odors to penetrate porous materials, requiring similar deodorization practices to neutralize and address. We have multiple odor removal approaches ranging from fogging to oxidation.

The Repairs a Home Might Need

Your home may face few fire damage incidents that do not require repairs or reconstruction. With a general contractor license, our professionals can manage these needs as they arise. From early controlled demolition to reach damaged areas or prevent structure collapse to replacing removed materials at the end of the restoration period, we have a team of contracting specialists ready to help.

Experience fire damage restoration is only a phone call away. Reach out to our trusted SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island team today at (718) 750-9455.

Fire Damage in Staten Island Doesn't Mean You Must Move or Sell

3/7/2023 (Permalink)

Bedroom After A fire The first step to resolving fire damage is calling your local trained professionals at SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island.

We Won't Let Fire Damage Ruin Your Family's Future

A house fire in Staten Island can create terrible destruction in areas without any flames because intense heat can occur without a fire burning in that area. SERVPRO handles all kinds of fire damage, including the restoration of belongings and the rebuilding of structures with our streamlined services.

SERVPRO understands the tremendous and devastating impact a house fire can have on a family in Staten Island. Our fire damage experience can make the aftermath less stressful for your loved ones. Our team shares relevant local resources with families facing disasters affecting their homes, minimizing the event's effect. 

Here are some of the ways we reduce the effects caused by fire:

  • Ensuring you make the decisions regarding cherished items
  • Cleaning, deodorizing and rebuilding

Floating ash can damage blankets, upholstered furnishings, and plastic toys if it is still hot when it lands on these items. For items that cannot be restored after such damage occurs, we set them aside so you can decide regarding these belongings. We can arrange for specialists to restore things such as electronics, oil paintings, and other fragile belongings. For special mementos, we understand that even in a damaged state, they might still be irreplaceable.

Other steps we take to ensure you and your family can once again call your house 'home' include removing the soot and any destroyed structural elements. Thermal fogging helps eliminate traces of soot and its ability to cause heavy odors. Other methods are used as applicable. The changes we make to your home's interior leave new walls and ceilings where there were once blackened streaks of soot, elevating your hopes for the future and diminishing your family's stress. 

After a fire, call SERVPRO of Northern Staten Island at (718) 750-9455 for the dependable and caring professional restoration team your family deserves.